Reddit Clone

Social bookmarking is a gigantically successful external link establishment procedure that does not require much exertion on your part. It’s a basic concept: users share by bookmarking their intriguing topics that they find on the web. When users submit their content or information to these Social Bookmarking Websites, you are hoping to create enough buzz to lure more traffic to your website.

There are various popular Social Bookmarking Websites available on the Web like, Reddit, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon and many more. It is good to have your own Website Clone of these popular websites to start your online business and make profit from it. NCrypted Websites is a leading Website Clone provider company which offers various Bookmark Scripts like Digg Clone, Reddit Clone, Delicious Clone or StumbleUpon Clone. Reddit Clone is one of the most selling products amongst other Bookmark Scripts.

Reddit is one of the best social bookmarking websites and exceptionally popular on the web. By utilizing it successfully you can get many visitors in your websites and blogs. Reddit is an outburst of data. It’s a Hub for everything cool going ahead in the whole planet. It has the definite article you have a craving for perusing or picture you feel like looking at. Reddit Clone also offered by NCrypted with nearly all the features which Reddit website offers their users, it also available with both Readymade Bookmark Script and fully customized Reddit Clone which can be build as per client’s requirements.

Features of Reddit Clone

  • Search Engine Optimized coding, which helps you to get good ranking in Search Engine
  • Users are able to get registered with their existing Facebook and Twitter Logins
  • Users can add videos, audios, photos, or articles easily in Reddit Clone
  • Reddit Clone script by NCrypted enables to add widgets apart from WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr in any of the supported sites and many more other features


Why NCrypted?

NCrypted is an award winning company, for its customer support and quality website clones being developed by us. NCrypted follows agile programming model to attain the website solution. NCrypted has about 400+ clients’ base, 1400+ projects being developed for them satisfying them in 50+ countries. For further reference visit our NCrypted Websites.