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Include new live update feature – reporters into your reddit clone

Whether you are into web advertising or not, you must have discovered websites, for example, Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, or Reddit. Online bookmarks had gotten to be part of the everyday routine of internet savvy people. Who might not enjoy these websites anyway? A while ago when it was initially presented on the web, internet users appreciated such new thought of sharing the links to their most favourite websites through online bookmarks.

Reddit Clone

As in this competitive world every website must be user friendly as well as search engine friendly. As you can see the most of the website has live stream or offers live updates of other posts. Reddit is a leading and most popular social bookmarking website which also has introduced a new feature of real time updates.

Live Update Thread feature

Reddit has launched a trial feature that will permit registered users to make a live update thread for events unfolding continuously. Truly like a live blog, but on an already existing group, the overhaul thread will update itself continually with new information and data.

In a change log post on Reddit, the administrator called spladug presented this new feature called “Liveupdate” that works autonomously on the site and does not need a subreddit to back it up. The “Reporters” for the stream can post updates and the page will keep auto-upgrading each one time it has a post.

For now, the stream is constrained just to Reddit administrators and employees, who will add reporters to each one stream to post updates. Reddit would like to open up the feature to all registered users where everybody will have the capacity to submit and run a live update thread. The administrators also want to see embedding of source media in updates, including pictures and videos and Reddit comments. For now, there are several threads up and running, one being TwitchPlays Pokemon and all the more essentially a thread to give information on the conflict in Ukraine.

Reddit has prided itself as being “the front page on the Internet” and has been behind different breaking news stories and catch up stories. The social network, in any case, came under fire a year ago when it attempted to play investigative writer. Throughout the Boston Marathon bombings, Reddit users attempted to identify pictures of an affirmed assault bomber. Unfortunately, the ruined operation saw Reddit pin the blame on a missing Indian student, who turned up dead later. The site misidentified the bomber but its users also seemingly carried out a witchhunt against the Indian student, drawing fire for its move.

Later, dreading matters might turn sour, Reddit had additionally banned a subreddit that attempted to distinguish the suspect in the Navy Yard shooting in the US in September.

This would appear to be a second innings for Reddit and breaking news. While the feature is being tested under a controlled environment, its soon to be opened up to the general public, and Reddit administrators must be on their toes to guarantee a replay of the Boston bombing witchhunt does not happen once more.

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