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Make a clone of reddit, a powerful social bookmarking tool

We all know that coming of internet has opened the business sector very broadly, and in that you must have heard about social bookmarking. It is a well known method utilized by many internet users for arranging, storing, managing and searching for bookmarks of resources on the web. The main work of assets is to bookmarks to the individuals who reference them. All the descriptions are added to bookmarks as metadata, so users can understand the content of the resource without taking the effort of downloading them. This is why Social Bookmarking is one of the most popular strategies for marketing now days.

Reddit Clone

There are so many social bookmarking websites running on the web and getting good business from it. So it is the time to launch your own social bookmarking website like Reddit Clone, Digg Clone, or many others. You should include some important features while making your Reddit Clone or choosing readymade Bookmark Script.

Check here to know why you should create Reddit Clone now days and consider some important things

Easy to search records

Social Bookmarking is used to get more backlinks as well as to get indexed very fast from search engine. While you are searching something on the web on search engine you will search by entering particular keyword and you will get number of results on the screen. Same thing will happen when user will search on the social bookmarking website by entering various keywords.

You must have to provide the facility to users by offer them to insert keywords because on the base of that it will help other users to find out bookmark records.

Reddit Clone from NCrypted offers very powerful search module with custom search option. Users are able to search and filter records by Country, keywords or categories.

Post Management

Reddit offers very user friendly and easy account manage to their users. That is why Reddit is very famous social bookmarking website on the web.

This would be a powerful feature for every registered user because only with the help of it users are able to manage posts; they can submit new posts with detailed information as well as with images also.

So you must have to provide this feature with your Reddit Clone to your users. NCrypted Websites offers Reddit Clone or Bookmark Script with very easy to use user management admin panel as well as very user friendly interface. Bookitt is a readymade bookmark script from NCrypted which has all the important and useful features of Reddit website.

Category management

Category is one of the most important and basic feature for social bookmarking website. While users are making postings of content or web pages they choose particular category so users who are interested in that content can go straight away to that category and can find what they are looking for. Reddit offers a special facility that users are able to create their own categories if they don’t found category in the list.

While making your Reddit Clone or choosing Bookmark Script you should make sure that this feature is available with it or not, because it plays a major role in success of Reddit website. Reddit Clone Script from NCrypted offers this feature so it can be a perfect choice for you if you are planning to make a social bookmarking website to start your online business.

NCrypted Websites is a leading website development company and has complete solutions of website clones or readymade clone scripts. Experienced website developers and designers will help you to build a powerful reddit clone. NCrypted Websites offers after sales service also which can be a huge benefit for you.

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