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Make Powerful Social Bookmarking Website Like Reddit

social bookmarking

Social bookmarking Sites where Internet users share their web pages, stories , blogs , images, and videos. There are a many advantages to submitting your blogs to one or more of these sites. It helps to increase your brand awareness.

We all knows people continuously so active on social sites such as FB, twitter, Pinterest but other than these there are many more websites you are not connect of but those sites have large audience.

Top Social Bookmarking Sites

reddit is one of the largest and arguably most active communities in the world.Reddit was founded by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman.It was acquired by Condé Nast in 2006. By voting, commenting, or downvoting, you can create a list of bookmarked content.


If you are satisfied with the facts and figures of Reddit and also want to start Reddit clone a similar website like Reddit then Take a look at a customizable ready-to-go script for your startup.

Digg has changed a lot over the years. One of the top social bookmarking website on which you can easily bookmark your pages. Now this is done by editors, but it retains its bookmarking function.


Digg can be a wonderful place to Search new content and organize it through your profile. You can make a Digg Clone to start your own online business. NCrypted Websites offers customized Bookmarking Script which has all the features of popular social bookmarking websites.

Same as above social bookmarking site Delicious, one can easily enlist their webpage, article etc. to increasing the maximum traffic as appearing on this bookmarking website. Open platform to bookmark your site and get the maximum traffic. The main benefits of Delicious Clone is a social media advertising venue that you should consider when bringing your business to market. The uses of perfect Delicious Script by NCrypted Websites is increasing rapidly because it has the potential to create a lot of traffic to your website.


Folkd is social website consisting of popular links, social bookmarking and social search. With this social bookmarking site, you can easily reach to the quality people that you want on your webpage. you can also search for the popular links, videos and much more.


Benefits of Social Bookmarking script

Being listed on the social bookmarking site, can drive quality audience on your site. If your site is new and you want to do its marketing to gain quality traffic then these social bookmarking is one of the best options that you can have.

Also search engines just like Google, yandax often shows results from the bookmarking sites and if your site is bookmarked then there are high chances that your site may show up in the search engine results.

How to Start a website similar to Reddit?

If you are satisfied with the facts and figures of Reddit and also want to start a similar website like Reddit then Take a look at a customizable ready-to-go script for your startup.

Reddit Clone from NCrypted  is a very popular Website Clone on the web, as it is offered with fully customization. It is good to have your personal Customized Website Clone as per your requirements and with additional features. As we all know that Social Bookmarking Sites are very useful and beneficial to get high traffic on your website, most of the Internet Marketers are using various Social Bookmarking Site Clone because it is a very popular way to get regular visits on your website.

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