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Reddit : A Beginner’s Guide. How Does Reddit Make Money?

If you spend a lot of time online, chances are you’ve heard of Reddit. Reddit is the fifth most popular site in the United States, according to Alexa, and the 18th worldwide. So what exactly is Reddit and Reddit clone?

Starting, Reddit looks like a message — text links, comment threads, points, karma, upvotes, downvotes. At best, posts look informationless — at worst, totally random.

But over the time “The Front Page of the Internet,” and you’ll find it’s an essential resource, a self-correcting marketplace of ideas that are nearly impervious to marketers. This type of voting system was Started with Digg, in 2004. Reddit came soon after in 2005 with a new voting system, and the two were competitive.

The homepage of Reddit shows you various posts that are trending on the website, pulled from a variety of subreddits. You can click the sort button in the upper left to sort by posts that are “hot” (trending), new, controversial, and more.


There is a facility of search For finding subreddit or posts related to terms  A search for “bookmarking,” for example, turns up some popular posts about the Bookmarking, and relevant subreddits such as /r/Reddit, /r/Digg.


You can create a subreddit, for any topic (as long as it stays within the site’s community guidelines).

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How does Reddit make money?


Just like most of the social networking sites, Reddit to makes money through advertisements on their website. But unlike them, Reddit have lot more sources in the revenue model of Reddit to increase their business.

Reddit has been wide-open ads platform since 2009.there are two ways to advertise. “Managed” and “Self-served’.The rate usually starts from $5 and $0.75 per thousand page-views and can go up to $20,000 based on the threshold value which is based on the number of page-views. Higher the number of page views higher the amount. The ads are clearly marked, and aside from being published on a blue background, the ads blend seamlessly into the rest of the website.


To exploit the site’s expansive audience, Reddit is hoping to fabricate its business by actively searching out promoters. The organization has demonstrated it needs to build promoting over the site, including more presentation and versatile advertisements, and also progressively significant sponsorships.

It also makes money By serving Google Adsense space on its sidebar.


Premium membership (Reddit Gold)


Gold membership of Reddit plan that allows users to pay for premium features. Gold Membership is for improve the user’s “Reddit experience” by providing some extra features like options to turn off ads more comments per page, saved and categorizing comments where user can save the comment he/she likes and can categorize them to their need, access of custom themes, custom avatar creation, highlights new comments etc…! Reddit gold is $3.99 per month, $29.99 per year. Reddit gold made $961,996.98 in 2016 and it is predicted that it will make $1,038,534.15 by the end of 2017.

Reddit Products

By selling branded products Reddit can make money.

Reddit Gifts


Reddit Gifts is an online gift exchange event where complete strangers randomly matched by Reddit, with Reddit accounts as their only common factor, exchange gifts with one another on a marked day. Reddit doesn’t charge users for anything. It is completely free to register on Reddit.

How to Start a website similar to Reddit?

If you are attracted with the facts and figures of Reddit and also want to start a similar website like Reddit then Take a look at a customizable ready-to-go Reddit clone for your startup. It is good to have your personal Customized Website Clone as per your requirements and with additional features. As we all know that Social Bookmarking Sites are very useful and beneficial to get high traffic on your website, most of the Internet Marketers are using various Social Bookmarking software Clone because it is a very popular way to get regular visits on your website.

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