Feb 27,2014 Apr 18,2015

Reddit Clone Features

User side

  • User Dashboard
      • Manage Post
        Registered users are able to manage every single post they have posted on their profile. Users are allowed to manage their post from user admin area like they are allowed to change description, title, keywords, etc. of the post.
      • Account setting
        Registered users are allowed to manage their personal details from this area of the website. User can manage their name, profile picture, they can change the password of their personal account, etc.
  • Search moduleIf user is looking for particular post of he can find it from search option offered in Reddit Clone, users are allowed to search post by country, keywords, categories, etc.
  • Submit Post (Format- Text/Link)Registered user wants to add post on the website they can use this important feature where user is able to add their post in the form of Text or directly can submit Link. Reddit Clone offers this feature to their users where they also able to post images also so this is one of the most powerful feature.
  • Create own category (Subreddit)If you are interested and want to create your own category which is not listed in the website then user is allowed to suggest category and after approval from admin category can be visible on the website.


Admin Side

  • User management

This part is important because this will help you to stop spammers or other non sense users on the website, if admin found any unusual activity on the website he can immediately delete particular user from back end of the website. Admin is also able to manage every single portion of the registered users.

  • Category management

Reddit offers one special feature where registered users can suggest category, but it will on the website only after admin approval. So this feature is useful when any popular and useful category still not available and is suggested by registered users. Admin is also able to manage existing categories.

  • Manage Posts

Website admin has complete rights on the website, so if he found any unusual activity on the website by posting any spammed or low level content admin is directly able to manage every single post of the website.

  • Manage Static pages (CMS)

In this section admin is able to manage every single page of the website; he is able to manage complete content of each page, images, videos, etc. existing on the website. Reddit Clone has user friendly Content Management System so it will be very easy to manage complete website.

  • Manage Report post ( flag/ inappropriate content)

This feature is useful when you want to stop spam content or users on the website. Admin is able to put some protected or disallowed words from back end so the users are not allowed to disallowed words in their post.

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