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Social Bookmarking – What is it and how can it help promote my site?

social bookmarking


Tagging information resource with the given keywords has the power to change the way we store information and find the same. One such instance is Social bookmarking software which provides the user with the possibility and ability to express along with sharing his views on information and resources stored according to folksonomies. A user can store bookmarks on the remote server or on social bookmarking software by associating tags of his own choice with them. All you need to do is register yourself for bookmarking your data. Social bookmarking software allows you to keep your bookmarks public as well as private. Basically, a social bookmarking software enables you to add, annotate, edit and share bookmarks of your web documents. It is a very popular way to build quality backlinks, which means instant higher Google page rank. Also, a lot of traffic can be generated by social bookmarking software. Some of the trending social bookmarking website clones are Digg clone, Reddit clone and StumbleUpon clone.

What is Reddit?

A message board where community curated content is dropped in the form of links, text, and images, is what Reddit is all about. A user can up-vote the content if he finds it worthy of reading else down-vote it. Also, users can put forward their perspectives on the topic with the help of comments. Posts that hit the first page usually get a huge number of visitors and that is merely decided by the up-votes received by post. Usually, the front page would be flooded with the content that would tempt you to dive in it more.

Subreddits reside within the Reddit site which points towards different topics of discussions based on user’s choice and interest. Generally /r/ syntax is used to define any subreddit. For example, /r/music .

With over 1.6 billion page views each month, Reddit was initially founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian in June 2005. Later in October 2006, it was purchased by Conde Nast for an amount of $20 million and it received 500,000 unique views daily.

Most of the Reddit’s revenue comes from advertisements, Reddit gold, and Reddit products. Managed or self-serve ads are two different ways through which one can advertise on the website. Cost for managed ads started from $30,000 and $5.00 CPM for self-serve ads. Talking about Reddit Gold, it is an offering of membership plan for premium features to registered users. Currently, the cost of Reddit Gold is $3.99 per month and $29.99 per year. It can also be gifted to other users. Reddit Marketplace was able to generate revenue by selling branded products only until early 2015. According to results, the company earned revenue of $961996.98 in 2016.

Start your Success journey with Reddit Clone Scripts

To your interest, you can also start a website like Reddit with the help of a Reddit clone script… Many Reddit clone scripts are already available in the market. Website cloning refers to copying and modifying an existing website script according to the user requirements. A web development company, Ncrypted websites provide you with the best Reddit clone scripts available in the market. Bookitt is one such successful Reddit clone product provided by Ncrypted websites. Nowadays social bookmarking software are proving to be utmost beneficial to users to get more traffic on the sites. Therefore Reddit clones would help you and all other internet marketers to get more traffic and more visitors to your websites on regular basis.



Being a Reddit clone script, the working of Bookitt is just similar to that of Reddit, which would help to build a huge social network to share your views as well as increase the market value of user’s website by listing or linking. Alike subreddits in Reddit website, Bookitt also allows users to foster ideas and attention on many trending issues. Working of Bookitt is quite simple followed by few processes. Firstly the user needs to get himself registered. Only after that he will be able to post links in form of URL or text and any of the users can like, dislike and comment upon that post. On the basis of likes and dislikes received to the post, it would be ranked and accordingly displayed on the page. Admin of Bookitt has the right to create or manage categories and subcategories whenever required. This Reddit clone script Bookitt, drives its revenue by availing premium membership to its users.

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