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Top 4 Essential features of Reddit Clone


Nowadays, a number of people spent their valuable time on the internet for a variety of interesting contents, social news, and various others based on their different purposes. While browsing the internet, they might visit the Reddit website. It is a website where people can access a massive collection of forums as well as they can share news and content along with a comment on posts from a variety of people worldwide.

So, if you are planning to start your own venture similar to Reddit, then our Reddit script is the perfect solution for you as it provides various important and useful features which will boost your social bookmarking business at the global level. So, before we discuss in detail further, let’s have some quick idea about this social bookmarking script in short.

What is Reddit Clone?

Reddit clone basically is an online social bookmarking script. This ideal clone script will prove to be an excellent platform for you to jump-start your own online social bookmarking business. This social bookmarking software will act as a social news aggregator along with services like web content ranking and discussion website. Reddit clone PHP offers a platform where a group of people meet on the internet, talk or chat with one another, and share a variety of stuff to other people globally. You will provide a virtual place which will allow various users to hang out with their old friends as well as new ones.

 Now, let us discuss the four most important features of this bookmarking script separately in detail based on the following list.

1. Advertisements Feature

2. Upvoting and Downvoting

3. Subreddits

4. The Lingo Feature

● Advertisements feature of Reddit clone PHP

This advanced and latest advertisement feature will indirectly help you to improve the profit level of your social bookmarking venture. With this functionality, for each and every click on a variety of advertisements by your users or visitors, you will receive a commission with a variable percentage margin by various advertisers globally. The range of this commission percentage will be as per the number of clicks or traffic of visitors on advertiser’s site. So, the advertisement feature will definitely help you in the growth of your social bookmarking venture at the global level. 

● Upvoting and Downvoting functionality of Reddit clone script 

     While using this Reddit clone which is an ideal social bookmarking software introduces the latest upvoting and downvoting functionality that you can cater your users. After completing the sign-up process, your users will be able to upvote or downvote a variety of items in order to determine their overall rank. You can customize a total number of votes per item by various users as per your requirements. So, in this way, the upvoting and downvoting feature will be useful for admin to decide overall score and rank of various posts by different users from all over the world.


● Subreddits in bookmarking script    

           Subreddits facility in this famous bookmarking script is a variety of contents submitted to the site by a variety of popular channels or users created boards. You can introduce various advanced tools in order to organize a variety of posts automatically which will cover various topics that include science, news, movies, music, video games, books, food, image-sharing, fitness, and many more in a homepage. Your users will be able to discover various niche communities as well as subscribe those subreddits based on their selection that will push several popular posts from those channels to their homepage.         

● The Lingo facility of social bookmarking software 

      This social bookmarking software introduces an excellent interactive facility called “The Lingo”. The term “The Lingo” means shorthand and acronyms used by the global users in their various posts. Some of the examples of the popular Lingo used by your users in their different types of posts that are listed below:

  • IAmA: –  I am a…
  • AMA: –  Ask me anything.
  • FTFY: – Fixed that for you.
  • TIL: – Today I learned.
  • DAE: – Does anyone else.
  • TL;DR: – Too long; Didn’t read.

  So, from our above discussion, we have analyzed all the top four important feature of Reddit clone which will act as four successful pillars of your social bookmarking venture.

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